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The Khalifa A. Algosaibi Diving & Marine Services Company offers a wide range of Marine Equipments and services.

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The Khalifa A. Algosaibi Diving & Marine Services Company was established under the rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1964. Its core business activities are in the provision of diving services and marine equipment in support of the offshore oil industry and it has been providing these services to a variety of customers in the northern sector of the Arabian Gulf for nearly forty years. For most of the time since establishment, until September 2012 it has been the sole provider of general diving services to Saudi Aramco (formerly Aramco), supplying up to 120 divers and 11 diving support vessels on a daily basis. Since September 2012 the company has been involved with various operations, in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Gulf of Mexico and Africa.

The Company expanded its operational capability to an international basis in 1995 by the acquisition of the m/v Adams Challenge, a 95 metre LOA multi-role dynamically positioned (DP) diving and construction support vessel. This DP capability was supplemented in 2000/2001 by the new build 60 metre LOA multi-role vessels, the m/v Midnight Arrow and the m/v Adams Nomad and in 2002 by the introduction of the 70 metre LOA multi-role vessel, the m/v Adams Surveyor. 

The Company owns and operates its diving and multi-role support vessels, and provides a comprehensive range of technical and maintenance services in support of its diving and marine operations.